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This project is based around the poem 'Ithaka' by C. P. Cafavy which speaks about one's journey to the Greek island, and is musically inspired by the composition 'Eisodion' by Haris Kittos meaning 'entrance ritual'.

This original film showcases the direct impact on the physicality of the performers, whereby improvised extended violin techniques challenge the player while the dancer's captivating movements bring out the transitional journey the two in turn create in each of the four sections. Thus, echoing an ongoing exchange of ideas throughout the recital of the poem that is said in sections by each participant in their respective native language. The early stages of this project inspired the creation of "Ithaka Brought to Life", which features in the visual element of the production.

Click here to watch the official trailer from Trinity Laban's digital channel for CoLab 2021.

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